Watch our joint webinar with Earlyshares to help you better understand the recently released proposed rules for securities crowdfunding.

The CrowdFundCast went to South by Southwest interactive festival to spread the joy…err…calm feeling of properly done due diligence.

In the second part of this week’s episode, we move beyond what our past adventures to a discussion on the present .

So, I know I said this was coming Sunday, but why wait? Here is our interview with Candace Klein of SoMoLend and CFIRA.

Panel 1 – The Crowd is not just in Silicon Valley.
Brian Knight: Director of Entrepreneurial Services CrowdCheck.

Washington Business Journal takes a look at CrowdCheck’s place in the securities and crowdfunding industry.

Last month we were fortunate enough to get a bunch of really smart people together to talk about how investment crowdfunding

University of Virginia Darden School e-conference 2012 crowdfunding panel


It has been a while since our last episode, but that is because we have been so busy traveling around talking about crowdfunding.

In the thrilling conclusion of the first episode, we (sort of) answer the question of whether the SEC’s actions on rule 506(c) have any implications for Title III crowdfunding. We then leave the champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

What entrepreneurs need to know about crowdfunding
a district I/O event, featuring CrowdCheck.

Well, sort of there. We watched the meeting on the Internet, poured over the text of the rules, wrote up a little memo.

Guess Who’s Back?

After a long holiday break, the CrowdFundCast is back! This time we get to interview Mr. Sang Lee of Return On Change about crowdfunding.

For our first real (albeit still rough) podcast– Sara, Thaya, and Brian discuss the SEC’s new proposed rule 506(c).

This week, Brian was able to speak with Paul Niederer of the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board about the crowdfunding experience.

In this episode we talk about the SEC Small Business Forum, whether portals will be able to charge transaction based fees, and finally getting to park in the UVA Darden school.

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