Guess who’s back?

After a long holiday break the CrowdFundCast is Back! This time we get to interview Mr. Sang Lee of Return On Change about crowdfunding and high impact investment. The discussion was fascinating, the skype…a little wonky, but Sang graciously put up with the technical hurdles to talk about why he thinks crowdfunding will help both companies and investors be the change they want to see in the world.

Sang Lee is the founder and CEO of Return on Change (, the next generation’s equity crowdfunding platform aiming to connect investors with innovative and socially conscious startups. As a board member of CFIRA (Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates) and CfPA (Crowdfunding Professionals Association), Sang strives to educate innovative entrepreneurs about equity crowdfunding’s immense potential to provide high-impact startups with critical early stage capital as well as everyday investors with the opportunity to become involved in the most disruptive companies. Under his leadership, Return on Change has established itself as a thought leader within crowdfunding discourse, having been featured in numerous financial publications such as BetaBeat, Reuters, Ecopreneurist, Crains, among many others. Sang is also a contributor to Forbes, New York Enterprise Report, and Under30CEO. Sang was most recently with BNP Paribas, a European-based global banking and financial service provider working in Energy and Infrastructure Banking. In aggregate, Sang has advised and executed in excess of $10.0 billion in energy and infrastructure related transactions.

Sang is also a recipient of the Under30CEO Award in New York, a nationwide campaign to search for the most promising young entrepreneurs, big innovators, leaders, and world changers.

You can follow him on Twitter @rocSang or Return on Change @rocSpeaks