Complying With Complex Requirements and Showing Investors You are Legit.

As an entrepreneur seeking funding online, you must prove to potential investors that you are trustworthy. You also need to follow the law. The process of complying with regulatory obligations can distract you from the everyday task of running a business.

CrowdCheck is the place with the expertise to give you and your investors comfort that everything is done right.

Regulation A offerings:

If you are making an offering under the SEC Regulation A, (often referred to as Regulation A+) CrowdCheck is the place to go for all the legal and compliance services you will need.  CrowdCheck has the most complete and knowledgeable Reg A practice in the space. 

CrowdCheck drafts the filing, arranges the filing with the SEC, manages the complex SEC review process, arrange for the necessary opinions, and help you make the necessary state “notice” filings. All this for a fixed fee. We’ve done more Regulation A filings than anyone. Our complete service includes our Verified Check for Regulation A filings to help you show investors and intermediaries that you are legitimate and have complied with the conditions of Regulation A. You can also request the Verified Check or our disclosure drafting services on a stand-alone basis.

"TTW review":

If you are thinking about making a Regulation A or Regulation CF offering but want to know whether there is interest before spending the money to engage lawyers and accountants (“testing the waters”), CrowdCheck can help you with that. CrowdCheck knows what you can and should not say or write and what might get you into trouble when you do make an offering, plus all the things the SEC requires you to say.

Regulation Crowdfunding:

If you are making a crowdfunding offering under the SEC’s Regulation crowdfunding (or Reg CF), CrowdCheck guides you through all the SEC’s rules that apply to your issuance from drafting disclosure to filing with the SEC– including all the required background and regulatory checks, completing the Form C and filing it with the SEC. CrowdCheck can also assist you with just the completion of the Form C and filing with the SEC, if that’s all you need.

Offerings to accredited investors:

Whether you are just “posting” your offering on an online bulletin board or using an online broker-dealer to find investors for your deal, you want to make sure that you meet the requirements of the law, including ensuring that no “Bad Actors” are involved and that you are legally able to make the kind of offering you are making. We will manage all of that, as well as help you avoid making “misleading statements” that can get you into legal trouble. And when broker-dealers are involved, they are required to conduct a due diligence investigation. Our process helps brokers meet their obligation.

With CrowdCheck you get: