Breaking Down General Solicitation For Private Placements In The US

Yesterday, Crowdfund Insider facilitated a discussion on the passing of the final regulations for Title II of the JOBS Act. Together with some of our partners, Earlyshares and SeedInvest, CrowdCheck founders Sara Hanks and Brian Knight discuss what these regulations mean and what their impact will be once implemented. The major action of the hearing was the lifting of the ban on general solicitation for rule 506(c) offerings. This will allow for general solicitation and thus a greater ability to advertise offerings to accredited investors, an important step in paving the road towards the public general solicitation that will be required for equity crowdfunding raises under Title III of the JOBS Act. The other rules which passed the commissioners’ vote included details on required steps issuers must take when verifying accredited investor status and changes to “Bad Actor” rules in relation to these offerings.

Follow the link below for a detailed analysis of the Title II final rules and how these regulations impact the implementation of the JOBS Act and the crowdfunding industry going forward.

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